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At Home Worship Series: The Great Easter Vigil

This chapter from a book called, "Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Literary Meditations on Suffering, Death and New Life", by David S. Cunningham, focuses on the Saturday of Holy Week, and the Easter Vigil. 


It is quite captivating as we begin this new series and in light of all that is currently going on in our lives.


Chapter 6: It Will Be Dawn Soon

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Sunday May 3, 2020

     Week 2 - Proclamation of the Resurrection Worship Guide

       Rev. Elizabeth Whitmer - Video Reflection


       Letter to Cann Memorial - 5/1/2020

       Illustrated Ministries Bulletin

       Illustrated Ministries Coloring Page 

       You may read the Exsultet in the worship guide or listen to it by clicking the link below. There are several versions of Jesus Christ Is Risen Today to listen to, listed below.



       Halle Halle Halle

       Jesus Christ Is Risen Today - Easter Hymn # 5

       Jesus Christ Is Risen Today - Ely Cathedral 

       Jesus Christ Is Risen Today - Christ Church Winnetka

       Jesus Christ Is Risen Today - PD Brass Quartet

       The Day of Resurrection


       Music chosen and recorded by Rachel Gragson

       The Strife is O'er - Michael Helman

       Thine is the Glory - Basil Rawthorne

       Bonus Music

       We Are One In The Spirit - vocals by Lisa Ewers

       Through It All - vocals by Lisa Ewers, piano by Rachel Gragson

Holy bible detail
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